My approach to life is “Movement, Mindfulness, Minimalism” & it’s based off of Patanjali’s 8 Limbs of Yoga, which outline ways to grow personally & not only treat yourself better, but be better to the world around you. Scroll down to learn more about what each of these categories entails!



The physical practice of yoga (Asana) is a huge part of my life & on the blog you’ll (eventually) find tons of sequences focusing on certain philosophical themes of yoga, focused on certain areas of the body, or sequences that can help with different aspects of life (like stress relief or gas/bloat relief to name a couple). But that’s not the only thing that gets me on the move, so you’ll also find blogs about my travels & outdoor adventures!



Since mindfulness is really just all about paying more attention to the factors of your life & living more intentionally, the term covers a ton of different topics! So you’ll see posts about almost anything you can think of, from meditation & journaling to ethically made organic & vegan products to self care tips & tricks. Plus ways to facilitate personal growth through self study & so much more!



Minimalism is exactly what it sounds like: living & doing things in the most minimal way possible. It completely changed my life for the better! So you’ll also find a few posts about ways to simplify your life, whether that’s through minimalizing your home or simplifying your schedule!