I’m a messy haired, wild-hearted, badass, goofball of a woman who’s made too many mistakes to count. But through the principles of movement, mindfulness & minimalism I’ve learned & grown from all of those mistakes. & while I’m still a work in progress, one of the things I’ve discovered to be very close to my heart is helping others achieve the same kind of contentment that I’ve found through this personal growth.

The first time I felt true peace & happiness as an adult was when I minimalized my life by selling most of my material possessions & living in my car for a month. The next level of that came when I found my love for being in the great outdoors, which led me to going back to school. There, I also found a love of eastern philosophy, which led me to yoga. It’s become most of my world & most of my heart & all I want to do is share the gifts it has given me.

So, I’ve quit my full time job & have turned to focusing on teaching yoga, guiding those searching for peace through nature & helping others learn all the benefits of enjoying both of those things together! I also started the next phase of my yoga teacher training (300 hours, woo hoo!) in February 2019 & I could not be more excited to dive deeper into this world! While I do plan on gaining more knowledge of anatomy & history, I’ll mainly be focusing on more advanced teaching principles for different levels of Vinyasa, Flow & Yin Yogas.

If you want to read a more in depth version of my journey to this point, head here & if you want to set up a consultation with me for private yoga lessons head this way. I also do a lot of outdoor yoga, meditation & hiking events & retreats, which you can find more info on here! Either way, thank you so much for checking out my site & joining me on my journey!

All my Love xx